Monday, June 8, 2015

Buy Hammock In Chiang Mai

Where can I buy hammock in Chiang Mai?

Many travelers and visitors are asking if they can buy good quality hammocks in Chiang Mai. And the answer is "YES" and it also comes with good cause as these hammocks are made by fair trade artisans from the hill areas of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provinces. If you have the same question, then you are in the right place. Click here to view all available hammocks and if you are interested to make custom order, you can do so by contacting at info [at]

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fair Trade Hammocks at Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai

Late updates - are you in Chiang Mai and have been to Fair Trade Shop, Thapae Gate to check some of the best fair trade hammocks? Hot promotion will be coming soon. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fairtrade Hammocks now also at Big C Chiang Rai

Yes we are now on the second floor of Big C in Chiang Rai. You can’t miss our stand, our colourfull hammocks are visible from far away.

You can do much more than just look at our hammocks in over 40 different colour designs, you can also try the sitting hammocks and traditionnal hammocks and experience the unique relaxation provided by them.

You will find 6 different hammock types, starting with a robust budget model all the way to the “V-Hammock” which is unique worldwide, and recognized by experts as the best on the market. Our sitting hammocks are becoming increasingly popular as they require only a minimum amount of hanging space.

Come and have a look, it’s well worth your time !

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Hammocks at Mee Choke Plaza Chiang Mai

Mr. Barry is something like the “Godfather” of our Sitting Hammck. Many years ago, starting from scratch, he, together with our own Peter Schmid developped the new improved design and weaving technique, that make our sitting hammock the best available anywhere.

Now he is back, and selling our hammocks at Mee Choke Plaza untill Sunday December 31, 2011.. But in his usual style, just selling hammocks is not enough for him, Mr. Barrie is also working on a completely new project, namely a whole lineup of new and superbly beautyfull hammock stands, for all those, who untill now had no place to hang their hammock. Here a picture of one of the prototypes. More are on their way……

Keep checking our blog and website for updates on this great line of new and exciting hammock furniture, more good news, pictures and prices to follow soon !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Comment by happy hammock customer

Below a comment from one of our biggest customers from Canada, namely “Free and Easy Tours” who have been buying hammocks from us since 2001.

Many North Americans (and Europeans) do not know the pleasure that is hammock - our houses aren’t designed for them, our weather makes them unpractical and our lifestyles don’t exactly allow for a lot of “hammock” time. So sometimes when people see our hammocks they think “meh, what am I supposed to do with this thing ?”. Then 2 hours into their first hammock session they are wondering how they ever lived without one and they are figuring out which room back home will allow them to hang it in because they never want to be without hammock again!

The ones we sell are not some shoddy piece of cloth or wiry mesh dealio either. These are the Rolls Royce of hammocks. They are hand woven and are some of the finest hammocks in the world. They fit exactly to your body and are large enough for you to stretch out in any direction and even with another person. So once you have found that cozy position you can commence to “hammocking” as we like to call it. (yes we turned “hammock” into a verb…somebody call Websters) “Hammocking” means swaying and relaxing as hard as possible..the hammock actually transfers you into another dimension of relaxation that you most likely previously had not encountered…it’s like a portal or some sort of futuristic sci-fi device!

Positive Products for Postiive People
To make this hammock situation even better these hammocks have a cool story behind them. You see, all of these hammocks are hand-woven mostly by Thai Lue and Lahu tribes people residing in villages at the Thai-Laos-Burma triangle. Deforestation and rapid development have made it difficult for them to maintain a lifestyle dependent on their natural habitat in the jungles and they have struggled a long time to find a suitable alternative. Now, making these quality hammocks has finally helped them establish financial independence, earning higher than average wages. The project makes alternatives such as tough fieldwork or sweatshop labor unnecessary. Instead it has created a highly-motivated, well-paid and superbly-trained and skilled workforce with the choice of working in a factory setting or from home. Free initial training lasting about 3 months is given, and weavers are paid by the hammock so they can choose to work at their own speed. Indeed, the project has brought them more than a sustainable income, as it assures them proper healthcare and self-pride. They like to call the hammocks - "positive products from and for positive people" - we couldn't agree more!

Free & Easy Traveler is young team, specializing in organized holidays for the young and the young at heart. Started with only trips to Thailand, their program has now expanded to include 8 different countries, with a steadily growing customer base. To learn more about them go to :

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SEE US TODAY AT THE BIG FAIR and Test our Hammock

We are now at the BIG/BIH Fair at the BITEC area in Bangkok, after braving the floods during our trip from the North to Bangkok. And so far the exibition and surrounding areas are “high and dry” and predicted to stay so.

If you have any way to get safely to the exihibition grounds, you are most welcome to visit us, maybe just for a chat and a cup of coffee, or even to talk serious business. – And of course to admire and try the new “stars” in our product range, our sitting and traditionnal hammocks.

Our professional team is there and ready to adress all your business needs. So far we have gathered a lot of interest not only from Thai businesses, but from companies coming for as far away as Poland, Brazil, India and even Iran.

See you there !